The following table indicates the shipping cost per number of bottles. Orders are shipped per box of 6 or 12 bottles of wine, so it is recommended for cost reasons to order this number of bottles (also for security reasons, half empty boxes break more easily).

Delivery of parcels is done by preference to facility lockers around the countries supporting this (Be, Nl, De, Lux, Fr).

All prices are tva included.
All bottles are packed for international transport.

Prices are indicated in Euro.

For  On Demand prices, please send a mail to More Shipping Info.



Country 3 bottles 6 bottles 12 bottles 18 bottles
Belgium (afhaalpunt/locker) na 8 6 6

Nederland,Duitsland, Luxemburg, Frankrijk

na 12 10 10

Denemarken, Estland, Hongarije, Ierland, Italië, Letland, Litouwen,

Oostenrijk, Polen,Slowakije, Slovenië, Tsjechië, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Zweden

Bulgarijë, Finland, Griekenland, Kroatië, Portugal, Roemenië, Spanje
na 22 32 62
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